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Want to be Published in Mexicandiver Magazine?

Mexicandiver Magazine welcomes submissions from up-and-coming photographers, divers, & more! Your work could be featured on our magazine and on our social media. Please be sure to read the following guidelines thoroughly.

You can submit up to two of your best clear underwater photos. These photos will be  enter our editorial review process that selects a total of 30 photos for publication in the upcoming issue of Mexicandiver Magazine. Furthermore, just because you submit for a particular issue, does not necessarily mean your images will be published in that issue. We will place your submission in whichever issue it fits best, aesthetically.

NOTE:  Photos submitted must be exclusive and unpublished

These photos can be on the category of macro, wide angle, divers, conservation, underwater fashion, and marine life behavior. All photos MUST be taken on any Mexican diving destination.

NOTE: Photos sowing  marine life harassment, and divers with poor buoyancy will be automatically rejected.

Mexicandiver Magazine respects the authors, their creativity and their copyright as important aspects in our promotion.  The author does not in any way release or give up their copyright by publication in Mexicandiver Magazine.


Other than being published in our online magazine, some photos might appear as Mexicandiver Magazine  promotional material on our Facebook page, in our promotional YouTube videos, in our online website and other similar social media. Some photos may be re-used for special or print editions.

NOTA: Solo puedes subir 2 de tus mejores photos subacuaticas tomadas en laguna de las zonas de buceo en Mexico. Las fotos seran desqualificadas si demuestran abuso al coral, ala fauna mrina y si demuestra mala estabilida del buzo.


1- The longer edge of the photo must be at least 3300px long.

(for example,  2200x3300px vertical portrait  or a 3300x2200px horizontal landscape)

2 - The photo must have at least 300 dpi of resolution.

3 - The photo must not be watermarked.

4 - The photo must not include a frame.

5 - Accepted file types are JPG, JPEG or PNG.


1- A lo Largo de la foto debe tener por lo menos 3300px de largo.

(Ejemplo:,  2200x3300px vertical portrait  o 3300x2200px horizontal )

2 - La photo debe tener por lo menos 300 dpi de resolusion.

3 - La foto no debe tener watermark o firma

4 - La foto no debe de tener marco o lineas

5 - Solo se aceptan estos formatos JPG, JPEG or PNG.

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